We've come a long way but still need support...

Unpacked Media’s mission is to bring a higher level of content to Trinidad and the wider Caribbean. Building a strong relationship with our viewers and supporters is what makes this possible. We want to ensure that YOU have a say in what we produce and how we produce it. Check out our contact page and let us know what you would like to see. Your opinion and feedback on our show are valuable to us (Rochelle and Justin need all the help they can get).

Making a donation directly impacts the quality of the show. Independent productions give us the freedom to have unfiltered, objective and intelligent conversation. We need your support to fund the following areas:

  • Equipment – Cameras, Lighting, Audio Recorders
  • Marketing – Social Media Promotions, E-mail Campaigns
  • Refreshments – Food and Drink for guests
  • Production – Improved Editing for a more polished product.