15 | Unpacking Alzheimer’s in T&T | Dr. James Bratt

Dr. James Bratt revisits the studio to talk about World Alzheimer’s month beginning on September 1st. Listen in as we break down the disease and its impact on individual and family life. How exactly do psychiatric medicines work and what are the locally available resources available to sufferers of this disease? Find out!

Photo Credit: www.awarenessdays.co.uk

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One Response to “15 | Unpacking Alzheimer’s in T&T | Dr. James Bratt

  • Dr. D. E. Bratt
    1 year ago

    Huge problem worldwide but especially here in T&T. People, physicians, society just beginning to get a hold on it. Despite the efforts of a few psychiatrists, our MoH is, as usual, lagging behind, caught up with cleaning the wards at St. Ann’s. So much public education is needed, people looking for a magic bullet to “cure” Alzheimer’s, as if they are entitled………no, no, no…….it’s hard, hard work to care for someone with Alzheimer’s.

    Well done.

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